Antique Woodwork

They don't make things the way they used to, but you can

We owe a lot to the American architecture of the early 1900s. The style back then created an aesthetic that we still know and love to this day: decorative head and corner blocks with hand-carved designs, beveled glass doors, rich grains of wainscot, baseboard and trim. Accompany that with brass and glass doorknobs, ornate hinges, drawer pulls and more. Unfortunately, many of these items are hard to find, or lost in the past.

That’s why ND Millwerk Salvage and Sales has made it our mission to keep vintage pieces from this era alive and well. In order to do that, we save old woodwork and hardware from old buildings on the verge of demolition. We’re left with beautiful, arts and crafts, doors, floors and hardware, all available to our customers at a price that is both low and competitive.

Add the charm, character and exceptional quality of vintage millwork to make a statement or to just enjoy. The genuine warmth and beauty of turn-of-the-century woods and accessories will enhance any home or office. Of course, this sort of interior design is a collaborative process, so please let our experienced team of salvagers know exactly what it is you’re looking for, and we’ll try our best to find it.

For more information on our old woodwork, arts and crafts, contact ND Millwerk Salvage and Sales today!

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Call Ahead for Hours

March 28, 2015

We have a flurry of events in the next 60 days -- Jazz Band Championships, two major shows, vacations, etc.
Please call or email to confirm someone will be available to assist you.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience!  Thank you!!
Showroom Only open 9 to Noon on Tuesday, March 31.

Warehouses Still Cold

February 27, 2015

Even though temperatures have improved, the warehouses may be colder than the outdoors, so please bring outdoor gear to stay warm while shopping outside the showroom.

Finished Projects

Finished Projects

View the end results of incorporating out wonderful old products into homes and businesses across America. Thank you to our customers! We welcome your photos via email. See vintage additions, re-purposed, new construction and artistic masterpieces.

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What’s New?
See what we have in progress.

Nelda and Denny have worked hard to acquire interesting items and to maintain a large inventory of vintage millwork of all kinds. Get a sneak preview of current and upcoming projects.

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